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Join our Exclusive residential Program INSPIRE and Gain Valuable insights from seasoned officers, experts and faculties across enlightening sessions

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3 दिवसीय आवासीय WORKSHOP के लिए रजिस्टर करें|

Highest Qualification

Key Speakers

M. L. Kumawat Sir

Ex Chairman RPSC, IPS(R)

Lakshman Gaur Sir

IPS - Rtd IG

Mr. Kaushal Bhardwaj

Polity, Hindi

Mr. Gaurav Sharma

Economy, Law, Accounts, Mgmt.

Dharmendra Sir

Science & Tech

Samyak Gurukul

Day Wise Programme

Session 1: Inauguration of Samyak Orientation Program (INSPIRE)

  1. About the Program
  2. Vision for Future
  3. Samyak Gurukul: Explore the Possibilities

Session 2: Path to Purpose

  1. Why RAS?
  2. Path to Destination
  3. Samyak Gurukul: A Navigator or Guiding Beacon

Session 3: Decoding RAS Exam Battleground for College Students

  1. Deep Dive: Conceptual Study
  2. Reading and Understanding Techniques
  3. Toolbox for Critical Thinking

Session 1: Lessons from Civil Servants : Mindful insights

  1. How they Became Change Makers
  2. Role in Society (Nation) Building
  3. Joyfulness : Peace of Mind (Satisfaction)

Session 2: Building Analytical Aptitude : Theory to Practice

  1. Skill Development
  2. Active Listening (Mindfulness)
  3. Integrating Approached

Session 3: Spiritual Support : Calmness of Mind

  1. Building Mental Strength
  2. Transforming Attitude (Yoga, Meditation)
  3. Effective Learning

Session 1: Mastering the Clock : Learn Time Management

  1. Effective Time Management for College Students
  2. How to Deal Distractions
  3. Learn Digital Disciplines

Session 2: Interactive Activities

  1. Group Discussion to enhance understanding
  2. Navigating the news: how ?
  3. Work on communication skills : interview Techniques

Session 3: Sharing Experience of Samyak Gurukul

  1. Learn & Unlearn
  2. Exploring Possibilities & pathway for futures
  3. Ready to embark on Civil Services Journey